Terms of Use


AllSetFor is a company dedicated to the search, selection and provision of qualified trainers.

AllSetFor provides its users with an online service, allowing them to launch a call for tenders, offer training services, or receive practical information, news, and online applications.

AllSetFor provides the user with its services, on the condition that the user agrees to abide by these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use “). AllSetFor is free to modify these terms at any given time.

The user is therefore advised to regularly check the Terms of Use section for updates. The updated Terms of Use can be found on the official AllSetFor website.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, any new service or change to the already existent service provided by AllSetfor will be subject to these Terms of Use.

AllSetFor’s added value in the field is based mainly on the following three elements:

  • All trainers selected by AllSetFor possess the skill set required by the customer–no more, no less;
  • Experts are available to start training sessions on the dates requested, and for the duration required by the customer;
  • The training sessions are valued at market prices; the price/quality ratio is the best on the market.

These three fundamental principles shape all of AllSetFor’s activity.

In order to simplify and industrialize the selection of trainers meeting these three requirements, AllSetFor:

  • Continuously builds, maintains and manages a database of trainers who possess the skills customers regularly seek;
  • Makes the AllSetFor.com website available to both customers and trainers.

Article 1 – The purpose of the AllSetFor.com website

The purpose of the AllSetFor.com website is to:

  • · Allow trainers to offer their area of expertise to AllSetFor and its customers, raising their chances of being selected to respond to tenders that match their skills.
  • Allow customers to benefit from privileged access to news, practical information, and online applications related to the field of training. Clients can also inform AllSetFor of their training needs and allow AllSetFor to search for trainers on their behalf;
  • Allow AllSetFor to be effective in selecting trainers on behalf of its customers and therefore, to offer a service meeting the expectations of quality, timescale and price as outlined in the preamble.

This is why the website allows:

  • Trainers to manage their own data, notably regarding their area of expertise, and to bid for tenders issued by AllSetFor or its customers, and monitor their progress;
  • Customers to manage their own data, to state their needs, and monitor the progress of their tenders. Alternatively customers with a “SAAS mode” subscription can manage their tenders by themselves.

Article 2 – Registering on AllSetFor.com

By registering on AllSetFor.com you:

  • Certify to being a professional acting as a client (user or buyer of training sessions or services, either as a firm or an independent contractor); or an expert trainer (from a training agency or consulting firm or an independent contractor);
  • · Certify that you are not engaged in any business activity which is in competition with that of AllSetFor;
  • · Agree to adhere to the requirements of quality, timescale and price as outlined preamble and to use the website solely for the purposes listed in Article 1 – Purpose of the AllSetFor.com website.

For the attention of trainers:

  • · You agree to provide accurate information about your company and the consultants you propose for tenders, certifying the accuracy of their CVs and dates of availability;
  • · You agree to be contacted by AllSetFor on behalf of its customers during the trainer selection process (Call for tenders);
  • · You agree that the decision whether to contact you regarding available tenders lies entirely with AllSetFor, and that AllSetFor does not have to justify itself for not having contacted you regarding any tenders; you may not under any circumstances sue AllSetFor for not being contacted about one or several available tenders, even if you think that you possess the skills sought by the customer;
  • · You acknowledge that AllSetFor offers the possibility of evaluating the trainer’s performance, in order to determine the customer’s level of satisfaction. These grades will be used to facilitate the selection process for future trainings (however, the grades will not, under any circumstances. be published and are for internal use only);
  • · You may not contact customers directly to apply for projects proposed by AllSetFor.

You fully and completely accept the present Terms of Use and you agree to abide by them. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, whether in whole or in part, you must not register on the AllSetFor.com website. By registering and using the website’s services, you certify to having prior knowledge of the present Terms of Use and having fully agreed to them.

In addition to the present Terms of Use, you acknowledge having read the website’s legal notice and having fully agreed to the information contained within. In particular, you agree not to extract or reproduce data found on the website by any means whatsoever.

In order to maintain a level of quality consistent with its standards and requirements, AllSetFor reserves the right to exclude (by account deactivation or deletion of content) unilaterally and without any form of compensation, at any given time, without notice and without justification, any trainer or customer who does not comply with one or several of these requirements.

Article 3 — Competition

Any company or society whose activities may be in competition with those of AllSetFor will be excluded from the AllSetFor.com website without notice, justification, or any form of compensation.

AllSetFor reserves the right to sue any competing company that attempts to use the AllSetFor.com website for its own benefit and to subsequently claim financial compensation.

Article 4 —Authentication

By registering on the AllSetFor.com website, you agree to provide a real, professional email address. This email address will serve as your username and you will need it to access AllSetFor.com’s online services.

After registering on the website, you will obtain a personal and confidential password. This password shall not be divulged to or shared with any third parties; you are legally responsible for it. Only you can be held responsible for the use of your username and password by third parties or for statements made via your account, whether they prove to be false or not.

Furthermore, AllSetFor does not possess any means to verify the identity of the individuals subscribing to its services, which is why AllSetFor cannot be held responsible in the event of identity theft. If you think someone is using your account or your identity, you must contact us immediately.

Article 5 – Use of cookies

In order to improve its customer service, AllSetFor.com uses cookies to:

  • Keep a user logged on to the platform until said user ends the session:
  • Maintain the selected interface language;
  • Maintain the name of the database to which the user is connected;
  • Conserve temporary information before it is saved in the session or the database;
  • Analyze the traffic on the website via the use of external services.

Article 6 – Data protection

In accordance with article 16 of the Law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 (Data Protection Act), AllSetFor has been declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés), receipt No. 1402839.

AllSetFor.com saves some personal data:

  • Identifying data about our customers’ interlocutors , contractors and IT providers.
  • Data about contractors proposed by service providers in response to tenders: identification data, resume, fields of expertise, and level of skills.

In accordance with the preamble and article 1 of the present Terms of Use, the data collected will be carefully processed in order to select the trainers and respond to tenders.

The data recipients are responsible for the selection of trainers, charged with selecting the experts and consultants in the name of AllSetFor’s customers.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, interlocutors and consultants benefit from access and rectification rights regarding personal data. This right may be exercised by using the features and functions available in the secure customer area, by filling in the form available on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website, or by writing to us at the following address: 14 rue Thorel – Paris 75002.

You may also, on suitable grounds, oppose the processing of your personal data.

The personal data you provide on the website, or transmit to us, allows us to offer you our services. This information will never be transmitted to a third party, nor will it be sold or traded.

Nonetheless, AllSetFor.com may conduct statistical analysis in order to summarize information for third parties. Of course, such analysis will be anonymous and will not reveal your identity.

Article 7 – Use of your data for marketing purposes.

You have, at any given moment, the right to accept or refuse marketing material regarding AllSetFor’s activities. Particularly, this may include newsletters or invitations to events organized, or co-organized, by AllSetFor.

This option is available via the ‘My profile’ page of your personal online area. Tick “I would like to be contacted by AllSetFor” to receive the updates.

Article 8 – Terms of Use

By registering on AllSetFor.com, you agree to the following rules and agree to abide by all of them.

Strict compliance with the laws and regulations currently in force:

  • Comply with the laws and respect the rights of third parties;
  • Do not broadcast or propagate information or content that contravenes the rights of others or that may be defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting violence, political, discriminatory, racist or xenophobic and, more broadly speaking, any content contrary to AllSetFor.com’s objects and purposes;
  • Honor copyrights and intellectual property.

Respect is to be shown to the services offered by AllSetFor.com:

  • Do not broadcast any misleading and fraudulent information or content;
  • Do not, under any circumstances, modify the function of the AllSetFor.com website in order to change its primary purpose;
  • Do not broadcast information or content designed to diminish, disrupt, or prevent the normal use of the AllSetFor.com website, or that could interrupt and/or slow down the functions of the online platform.
  • Do not, intentionally or otherwise, overload the online platform in any way as to jeopardize the functions of AllSetFor.com’s online services.

Article 9 – AllSetFor.com’s Standards of Service

AllSetFor commits to devoting all necessary resources to ensure the proper functioning of its website. Nonetheless, AllSetFor does not guarantee that the services of the AllSetFor.com website will not malfunction or be interrupted.

In particular, the operational services could possibly be interrupted due to maintenance. AllSetFor will do its absolute best to inform users in advance.

The user is aware of network characteristics and liabilities, notably the possibility of connection issues, server failures, power outages, or other similar matters (this list is not exhaustive). AllSetFor cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the consequences of such events and is therefore without obligation to the user.

Article 10 – Responsibilities

The user is responsible for the data they input on AllSetFor.com. In order to maximize the website’s benefits, the user must ensure to provide accurate and complete information, and to update their personal details at least once every six months.

AllSetFor cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible by anyone for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages related to any use of the AllSetFor.com website.

In the event that you did not receive some of the service messages AllSetFor may have sent you, you waive any claim and/or legal action against AllSetFor.

In situations where AllSetFor’s liability may be sought due to a user’s disrespect or disregard for any of the legal obligations set by French law or by the present Terms of Use, said user agrees to protect AllSetFor against any form of conviction. Furthermore, this guarantee covers any compensation, lawyers’ fees, and any legal costs that may arise from action taken against AllSetFor.

Article 11 – Changes to AllSetFor.com’s services

At any given moment, AllSetFor retains the right to modify or change the pages of the AllSetFor.com website, its services, or its Terms of Use.

These modifications will take effect as soon as they are live on the website.

By default, you will be considered to have accepted these modifications by continuing to use the website.

Article 12 – Termination of account

If you no longer wish to use the services of the AllSetFor.com website, you can ask AllSetFor to delete your account. This can be requested at any time, either by filling in the form on the ‘Contact Us’page of the website, or by writing to us at the following address: 14 rue Thorel, Paris 75002.

As outlined in the previous articles, AllSetFor retains the right to deactivate the accounts of customers or trainers who:

  • Disrespected one or several of the legal dispositions mentioned within Article 2 – Registering on AllSetFor.com, and Article 8 – Terms of Use.
  • Participate in business activities that may be in competition with those of AllSetFor (Article 3 — Competition).

AllSetFor also retains the right to deactivate the accounts of trainers or customers that have not logged onto the platform for a period of 6 (six) months or more, or whose firms no longer exist.

Article 13 – Applicable law and jurisdiction.

The present contract is subject to French law.

With the exception of amicable settlements, all commercial disputes are the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Paris (Tribunal de Commerce de Paris).